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TranjoCaster Prototype

April 2006 -- Here are some pictures of my prototype Tranjocaster.

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This is my prototype for a solid-body electric travel banjo. The body is ash and the neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard. The pickup is an EMG Select with a concentric tone/volume control. I used a standard banjo bridge instead of a metal guitar bridge. The body-mounted tuners eliminate the need for a tailpiece. The neck is held in place with one bolt, making it easy to remove for travel. The entire TranjoCaster fits into a standard carry-on suitcase, just like my acoustic travel banjo, the Tranjo.

I took this TranjoCaster to the 2006 Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy to show it off. I was fortunate enough to record both Gary "Biscuit" Davis and James McKinney playing some fantastic licks and tunes. These clips are used with their permission (thanks, guys!). The clips were recorded on a Sony MiniDisc using a homemade stereo condenser microphone, not directly from the amplifier. There is a slight distortion on the louder passages, but that is from the original recording levels being a little too hot.

Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 1
Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 2
Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 3
Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 4
Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 5
Gary "Biscuit" Davis - 6

James McKinney - 1
James McKinney - 2

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